About Swiss Jewel

Swiss Jewel Company, a fourth generation family run business, is the leading supplier of precision Synthetic Sapphire & Ruby components for various industrial markets worldwide. The company was launched in 1920 when sapphire bearings were used primarily in timing and measuring devices.

Over the past several decades the world has evolved and so has the demand for Synthetic Sapphire, Ruby and emerging materials. During this time Swiss Jewel has increased efficiencies and continually developed processes to serve an ever growing list of applications.

A lot has changed since Swiss Jewel launched in 1920. During this time we have kept precision, quality, competitive pricing and a commitment to on time delivery a key philosophy that runs through our breadth of products and services.

We look forward to working together.

100 Years of Service

Swiss Jewel has been the leading supplier of precision synthetic sapphire, ruby and glass components for various industrial markets worldwide since 1920.

Industrial Sapphire Crystal Applications