Applications for Synthetic Sapphire

With over 90 years of service we can help facilitate your project’s objective.  Our knowledge of working with precision components in Sapphire and Ruby will help to develop the component you need with precision and affordability.

Optical Applications

Swiss Jewel supplies precision optical components in various materials and configurations.

Jewel Bearing Applications

Sapphire’s hardness and ability to accept a high polish make it an ideal bearing component.

Orifice Jewel Applications

Sapphire Orifice Jewels are excellent choice for high precision control applications.

Medical Applications

Synthetic Sapphire is widely used in medical applications for its transmission, high thermal conductivity and ability to autoclave.

Aerospace / Aeronautical

Sapphire’s hardness and ability to transmit from UV to IR make it ideal for demanding applications in Space and Airplane systems.


Sapphire’s high purity and strength is an excellent and industry accepted material for Semiconductor manufacturing.